Why choose us

Experienced Team

We only hire very experienced and highly skilled and talented people.

High Quality

Boutique IT service provider with only high quality products and services

Outcome focused

Our focus is teh outcome and we care about best result.

No Outsourcing

We don't outsource the work and we don't sacrifice quality to minimise the cost.

Trusted by Customers

We served Australian business from 2011 when our company was funded.

analytics platform

Data, Network and Security

  1. Designing, deploying, managing and troubleshooting networks
  2. Design complex multi-site resilient network infrastructure
  3. Design and implement hybrid on-prem and cloud environment based on the services and requirements of the customer
  4. Install and maintain the network and hardware systems
  5. Manage, maintain and update device inventory using software defined networking and programming
Our Business Is Your Success

We are always next to you

  • We work with you as a partner and your success is our goal. Our business is based on our customer success. We stay by your side and support you through every step of your journey.
  • Our team provides highest quality products and services.No over-subscription for our services and systems. No corenr cutting. We have a dedicated team with record-track of success, working with businesses in Australia.

Network Design & Implementation


DigiSys provides consultation, design and implementation services for network. We work as service provider and you can outsource your network project to our team. We can also provide resources for your locally managed projects.


Systems Design & Implementation


We help you in design and implementation of your IT systems. Our consultants and engineers can help you with your projects both in outsources or internal model.


Server & Website Hosting


You can host your business services and your website in our cloud. We help you to migrate your services to the cloud and maintain them. We provide consultation for your hybrid or private cloud requirements as well.


E-Commerce & Online Marketing


Your business can grow in online and internet space. With our help you can start or improve your internet presence and use e-commerce to sell your products and services. We also help businesses improve their e-commerce systems.


Business Email

On the CLoud

We provide business email service in Office365 cloud environment. We can also help you migrate your existing mail servers to the cloud. We provide consultation for companies with non-Microsoft email services.



Business Data

Minimise your data risk by archiving solutions and minimise your storage and backup costs using cold storage archiving solutions. We help you in design / implementation and migration of your data to the cloud archiving systems.



Network and Systems

DigiSys is also providing consultation services for network and systems security. Our experienced team can help you improve your security and minimise the chance of ransom and hack. we also provide penetration test through our partner company.



Technical Courses

We provide local training for businesses. We also help your company to train technical team after migration and upgrade of the services in IT projects. We help your team to maintain the systems after projects end.

DigiSys Cloud

Migrate your systems to the cloud

Maximise systems and network availability and minimise your system and network costs by migration to teh cloud. You can (fully or partially) host your systems in our cloud. We help you with analysis and design and then migration project.


Free Online Training for Students

Contact US For More Information

Digisys Is preparing new series of online training for studnets. Australian Studnets are eligable to access the training through our YouTube Channel and online Academy at no cost.


Helping students in poor coutries

Supporting studnets to have brighter future

We recently started our online academy in other languages to support student in poor countries. We provide free online courses and connect them with latest technologies through online practice environments.

And We publish training videos soon

DigiSys Videos and Blog

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